In the heart and the heat of Silicon Valley lies this cool, leafy sanctuary garden. The crisp, contemporary geometry of the architecture, paving, and stone walls contrast with soft grasses and flowering ground covers across the site. These plantings play against artful compositions of sculptural granite boulders by renown stone mason Edwin Hamilton that punctuate the outdoor spaces.

Existing oak and redwood trees form a visual frame around a landscape painting of contrasting forms and foliage within. Tall screens of Yew Pine and Carolina Cherry are a vibrant green backdrop to the painterly planting palette and shine against the dark greens of towering oaks and redwoods.

An elegant glass tiled pool reflects the flowerheads of swaying grasses and appears as a floating cube amidst the plantings. Areas to lounge and gather are positioned throughout the site, with a constant dynamic visual interplay in this contemporary urban oasis.